Salvation Part 2

Please complete the below form and make sure you read all the answers before you chose your answer. You are not permitted to change your answer once you have made your selection. You are permitted to take the test twice. It is very important that no one assists you in answering any of the questions.

Salvation Part 2

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1.1 Is there any difference between sin and the sinful nature?
1.2 Is there any relationship between between sin and the sinful nature?
1.3 What is the difference between spiritual death and eternal life??
2.1 What is God's attitude toward sinnersPlease read Rom. 5:8
2.2 What does God desire for humankind?Please read 2Peter 3:9
2.3 What does God want everyone to do?Please read Acts 17:30
3.1 What gift has God provided for humankind?Please read Rom. 6:23
3.2 What did God do to express His love for humankind?Please read John 3:16
3.3 Whom did God give for forgiveness of sin?Please read John 1:9
4.1 How did Jesus respond to God's provision?Please read Phil. 2:5-8
4.2 Why did Jesus come into the world?Please read 1Tim. 1:15
4.3 What does Jesus offer humankind?Please read John 10:10
5.1 Through how many ways can humankind reach God?John 14:6
5.2 Who is the mediator between humankind and God?1Tim. 2:3-6
5.3 How many people can save us from sin?Please read Acts 4:12
6.1 What is the purpose of the invitation from Jesus?Please read Rev. 3:20
6.2 What does Jesus call people to do?

Please read Luke 5:32

6.3 How can one obtain eternal life?Please read John 6:40
6.4 Can you change your sinful nature?Please read John 3:16
6.5 Who established how the sinful nature can be changed?James 1:14-15
(14) But each one is tempted by his lusts, being drawn away and seduced by them. (15) Then when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin. And sin, when it is fully formed, brings forth death.

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